Hello! This is a site dedicated to Chinese poetry and pre-modern literary culture. Here you will find resources on Classical Chinese literature, Material Culture, Chinese texts in translation, useful databases and references tools, as well as updates about my research and teaching.

Huijun Mai is a scholar in classical Chinese literature and culture, specializing in poetry, prose, lyric, and material culture from Chinese early Medieval through Song Dynasty (3rd ~ 13th century). She also works on Japanese kanbun literature (Sinographic writing) and sino-Japan poetic and material exchanges. She is currently a Ph.D candidate at Harvard University. Her current research focuses on the omnipresent representations on objects and material experiences in Chinese literature during the eleventh and twelfth century and asks how that redefines what we think about literary culture.

In her spare time, she plays the qin (an ancient seven-string zither). She has recently returned from an archival visit to Japan where, besides researching the cultural exchanges between Song-Yuan literati and Chan monks and the Japanese Kamakura monasteries, she collected illustrated manuscripts of real and imaginary insects and plants.